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An Entire Technology Suite for Less than You Spend on Your Current Website!

Today more than nine out of ten real estate shoppers begin online, and eight out of ten do almost all their searching online.  Sadly, last year the average agent generated only four inquiries from the internet resulting in zero closed transactions and yet today agents are investing in technology more than ever before.

Introducing the Ultimate Website — a website that works!

The Ultimate Website puts your entire real estate practice in the palm of your hand.

The Ultimate Website puts your entire real estate practice in the palm of your hand.

For less than you’re probably already spending for your current website, you can have every single technology tool you’ll need to generate and manage tons of business from the internet.  And I mean everything.  I’ll show you.

  1. LCM-Web.  This was the very first tool we developed, and it put us on CNN.  Instead of capturing 4 leads last year, keeping everything else the same and adding LCM-Web you’d have captured between 80 and 120 leads with the exact same traffic.  When leads are captured by this powerful technology, they are sent to you by email and text while your customer is still on your website.
  3. LCM-Phone.  You may remember the old call-capture hotlines from a decade ago.  LCM-Phone is the next generation of call capture hotline.  A customer calls your hotline number and even if he has caller-ID block, his phone number is captured and sent to your inbox and smart phone in real time allowing you to follow-up immediately.
  5. LCM-Text.  Throw away the flyer box on your yard signs.  Instead your sign allows your customer to text a 5-digit code and instantly receive detailed information, photos of your listing and your contact information.  At the same time he’s getting the information by text, you are receiving his phone number so you can assist him.
  7. Pipeline-i Client Manager.  Having tons of leads doesn’t help you if you can’t keep them organized.  Pipeline-i is the perfect tool to do just that.  Anytime a lead comes in — whether by LCM-Web, LCM-Phone, or LCM-Text, besides getting your notifications by email and text message, the information is automatically entered into Pipeline-i to save you the typing.  Pipeline-i syncs with your smartphone calendar to stay on top of appointments as well.
  9. Virtual Assistant.  What if you could start the day with an action plan telling you exactly which leads to touch today, what activities you needed to complete, and the contact information for each related lead?  With Virtual Assistant you can.  Never have to wonder what you’re forgetting or who might be falling through the cracks.  This technology will keep you focused, just like a real assistant!
  11. State-of-the-Art Website.  Besides being ineffective at capturing business, most real estate websites today are built on ten-year-old architecture.  The Ultimate Website is built on a cutting-edge WordPress platform and yet boasts a very simple admin interface.  You get the great looks and effectiveness of a complicated website and yet managing it is as easy as checking your email.
  13. Auto-Blog.  Everyone knows that blogging is like flossing — we all know we should blog and yet very few of us actually do it.  Introducing our Auto-Blog: the blog that actually posts itself.  No more writer’s block or trying to find the time to blog.  Quality content is posted on your behalf several times a week, while leaving you the ability to add, edit or remove content.

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  15. Social Media Integration.  The average American today spends 3.2 hours on social media websites.  Using our Ultimate Website you can leverage the power of social media.  With a single click on your website you can build your credibility and easily stay in touch with your sphere of influence without ever being pushy or salesy in the process.
  17. Setup and Training.  From the selection of your unique, catchy, and search engine friendly domain name (included) to the setup of your technology, to the training on exactly how to implement it to begin generating business, our staff is there to get you up to speed.  And as you grow, we continue to support with our success coaching helping you take your practice to the next level.
  19. Ridiculous Pricing!  Agent websites typically cost $50 – $200 a month.  Call capture hotlines another $50 or more.  Text capture systems cost $30 – $100.  Client managers cost another $50 or more per month.  Blogs run $30 – $100 per month and that’s without an auto-blog feature.  Factor in hosting, domain management, and ongoing support and you are looking at a monthly investment between $160 and $400.  And then you have to worry about getting it all to work together.

My Ultimate Website — the entire technology suite — can be yours for less than the cost of the average website.  No kidding.  And the Ultimate Website is fully integrated so each technology connects seamlessly to all the others, saving you time and making your job much easier. Just look and see how the Ultimate Website compares to all the leading competitors:


Nothing else even comes close. You’re probably thinking, “Matt, if your technology is so great, why does it cost so much less than others?”  The question you should be asking is, “Why are all the others so expensive?”  Many of those other technologies pay a large part of their total price to various national franchises, the National Association of Realtors®, and to huge sales staffs as a way to bring in new subscribers.  Let’s face it, if your national franchise says to use a certain tool, you are predisposed to use it, right?  You probably don’t know that your national franchise is also receiving payment from that technology vendor in return for their endorsement.

Unlike all those companies, we have a very small and efficient operation.  We don’t pay franchises or NAR to promote our technology.  Many of the functions of running our company are automated.  Our billing is all automated so we don’t have a billing department.  You won’t ever get a call from a salesman because we don’t have a sales staff to support.  And that allows us to offer the most comprehensive technology suite available anywhere for a fraction of the price of many of our competitors.



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